Temple Beth Zion Historical Timeline

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  • Founding—
    • 1943: Temple Beth Zion is Founded.


  • Rabbi Cohen—
    • 1947-49: Bernard Cohen is Rabbi.
  • Incorporation—
    • 1947: Temple Beth Zion was re-incorporated to correct earlier mistakes.


  • Rabbi Woythaler—
    • Rabbi Bert A. Woythaler.1949-56:
      Rabbi Bert A. Woythaler is Rabbi.
  • Kunin Torah—
    • Dedication of Kunin Torah.February 27, 1949: The dedication of a new Torah Scroll which was presented to the synagogue by Mrs. Frieda Kunin.
  • Groundbreaking 1—
    • 1949 Temple Beth Zion Building PlaqueJune 26, 1949:
      Ground is broken for the Temple's new building.


  • Cantor Blackman—
    • Cantor Blackman1950-56:
      Julius Blackman is Cantor.


  • Groundbreaking 2—
    • June 24, 1951: Ground is broken for the Talmud Torah Building (the current social hall, kitchen, and upstairs classrooms).
  • Bella Brucker—
    • Wording on building saying Bella Brucker Talmud Torah.12/14/51: Bella Brucker died. The newly built Talmud Torah Building is named the "Bella Brucker Talmud Torah" building in her honor.
  • Schill Torah—
    • Torah donated by Mrs. Schill.May 6, 1951: Torah Scroll presented to Temple Beth Zion by Mrs. Minnie Schill in memory her beloved daughter, Mrs. Eva Smolar.
  • Fink Torah—
    • Torah donated by Mrs. FinkMrs. Helen Fink, children, and grandchildren, present Torah Scroll to Temple Beth Zion in memory of Joseph Fink.


  • Brucker Fund—
    • Bella Brucker1952: Bella Brucker Memorial Fund is established in memory of Bella Brucker, for her dedication to Temple Beth Zion and her “desire to kindle the flame of Judaism in our youth and to inspire them with a zest for religious living.”
  • Katz Dance—
    • 1952: Mickey Katz and His Orchestra perform for the Spring Dance.
  • Youth Dance—
    • 1952: Corky Wayne Emcee's the temple youth dance, promising a "...swell evening."
  • Purim Shpiel—
    • 1952: The Temple's little theater group performs a Purim Shpiel.


  • New Sanctuary—
    • 1953: The temple begins construction of a new sanctuary, designed by Herman Charles Light, AIA.
  • Bond Drive—
    • 2/26/53: Israel Bond Drive at Olympic Lodge of Bnai Brith, Temple Beth Zion, with entertainment provided by comedian and author Joey Adams and concert cantor and actor Moishe Oysher.
  • Youth Activities—
    • 1953: The Temple Beth Zion Youth Activities Chairmen reports that Temple records indicate there are "over 375 boys and girls between the ages of 11 and 18."
  • Senior Choir—
    • Senior Choir1953:Cantor Blackman directed the Temple Beth Zion Senior Choir in presenting a concert of Jewish music as a fundraising event.


  • Rabbi Weinstein—
    • Rabbi Weinstein1956-59:
      Chaim J. Weinstein is Rabbi.
  • Rabbi Zirkel—
    • 1956-58: Chaim Zirkel is Associate Rabbi.
  • Cantor Fordis —
    • 1956-60: Samuel Fordis is Cantor.


  • Fourth Annual Concert —
    • 1957: Temple Beth Zion's Fourth Annual Concert. Cantor Samuel Fordis directs the choir.
  • Sara Winsberg—
    • 3/30/57: Bas Mitzvah, Sara Winsberg.
  • Mark Aaronson—
    • 4/6/57: Bar Mitzvah, Mark Aaronson.
  • Torah Study Classes—
    • 1957: Rabbi Chaim Zirkel conducts Torah Study Classes on Sabbath afternoons.


  • Greenberg Torah—
    • 1958: David and Minnie Greenberg donate a Torah to the temple in memory of their daughter, Bella Brucker.


  • Rabbi Cohn—
    • 1959-65: Rabbi Franklin Cohn.
  • Dramatized Haggada—
    • Cover page for Dramatized Haggadah1959:
      “Dramatized Haggadah” by Rabbi Franklin Cohn, is published by Temple Beth Zion.


  • Cantor Blumenthal —
    • 1960-64: Salo Blumenthal is Cantor.


  • Cantor Breen—
    • 1964-68: Michael Breen is Cantor.
  • Torah Table Cover—
    • 1964- : The Confirmation Class of 1964 donates a cover for the Bimah Torah Table that is still in use for Shabbat services.


  • Rabbi Tenenbaum —
    • 1965: Edward Tenenbaum is Rabbi.
  • Uretzky Torah—
    • Uretzky Family Torah1965- : The Uretzky family loans their family Torah for use at Temple Beth Zion Shabbat services. The Torah was written prior to 1920 and saved from the pogrom in Kopatkevitch, Belarus, USSR in 1921. It still is used for Sabbath services.


  • Liberty Award—
    • 1966: Temple Beth Zion presents the Passover "Liberty Award" to the Honorable Arthur J. Goldberg, United States Ambassador to the United Nations. Mr. Goldberg selected California Supreme Court Justice Stanley Mosk to represent him in receiving the award. Rabbi Cohn's "Dramatized Haggadah" is narrated by Mr. Carl Reiner.


  • Cantor Green—
    • 1968-78: Harold Green is Cantor.


  • Cantor Rich—
    • 1978-85: Linda Rich is Cantor.


  • Harry Holowich—
    • 10/28/79: Bar Mitzvah, Harry Holowich.


  • Cantor Guralnick —
    • Cantor Guralnick1985-:
      Janis Guralnick is Cantor.


  • Judith Whitelaw Appeal: Los Angeles, 11/9/1993.
    "click for full text"—
    • Dear Friends and Fellow-Members:

      My name is Judith Whitelaw. I am sure I am totally unknown to you. Well, just before the High Holidays, I became a member of “Temple Beth Zion”.

      I walked out of every other congregation I went to. But, the moment I entered Temple Beth Zion, I felt a peacefulnesss coming over me, which I so badly needed, and I said to myself, “this will be your 'spiritual' home from now on.” I also promised myself to go back to my roots.


  • Happy 99th Birthday—
    • Long-time Temple member, Fanny Harris, celebrated her 99th birthday with family and friends at Temple Beth Zion. Rabbi Tenenbaum performed a Hebrew naming ceremony for Fanny's great granddaughter, Raine.


  • Goodbye Rabbi Tenenbaum—
    • Rabbi Edward TenenbaumWe are saddened that Rabbi Edward Tenenbaum,
      זכר צדיק לברכה,
      a righteous person, passed away on August 21, 2010 while preparing for Sabbath services. During his career, he was a congregational Rabbi for 70 years, Rabbi of Temple Beth Zion from 1965-2010, retired Executive Director of Pacific Southwest Region of United Synagogue of America, Chairman of the Conversion Beth Din (Rabbinical Assembly, West States Region), hospital and retirement home chaplain.
  • TBZ Break-the-Fast—
    • The 1st Annual Break-the-Fast Meal at Temple Beth Zion was hosted by the Board of Directors. It provided a friendly, family-style environment for congregants quickly to end their 25-hours of fasting and praying.
      Ed Hollander: Yom Kippur Sermon (click for full text)
      Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, is traditionally a day in which we seek forgiveness of our sins from God. Yom Kippur is traditionally a twenty five hour fast day, and is considered a full Sabbath day in which we do not work, drive, bathe, wear leather, or have sexual relations. Many people dress in white and wear athletic shoes made of cloth or other non-leather materials. It is a time to divorce one’s self from our everyday luxuries. It is the most important holiday in the Jewish Religion.


  • 2011 Purim Party—
    • We had an enjoyable Purim Party at Temple Beth Zion, attended by adults and children. There were games, music videos, food, and a reading of the Megillah. Pictures can be seen on the Events Page.
  • Price Is Right Taping—
    • A group from Temple Beth Zion spent the afternoon participating in the audience for a studio taping of the Television game show "The Price Is Right"
  • 50th Anniversary of Bar Mitzvah—
    • The 50th Anniversary of the Bar Mitzvah of Jerry Harris was celebrated. Jerry helped lead the services, just as he did 50 years ago for his Bar Mitzvah at Temple Beth Zion.
  • Goodbye President Lynne—
    • The Congregation sadly paid its respects to Lynne Sturt Weintraub,
      זיכרונה לברכה,
      of blessed memory, long-time President of Temple Beth Zion. She passed away in April, 2011. Lynne was instrumental in keeping the Temple active over the years. She maintained a relationship with the Los Angeles Clergy Police Council. Several members of the Police Department paid respects by attending her funeral. A tribute to her was published in the Beverly Press.

Temple Beth Zion Historical Timeline