Members praying in Temple. A man and woman smiling and holding up a bottle of kosher beer.

Who would be attracted to Temple Beth Zion?

Those who appreciate a family-like, friendly atmosphere.
“The small temple with a big heart !”

  • Worship Community:
    • Membership in a community of individuals actively learning and exploring their faith within the framework of a traditional conservative environment.
  • Life Cycle Events; The Benefit of Support & Encouragement:
    • Simchas, Joyous Occasions.
    • Share in the joys and happiness of others in the community.
    • Support In Times of Sorrow:
    • Everyone experiences discouraging circumstances and various crises in their lives.
    • How wonderful to have a loving and caring worship family in times of grief and sorrow.
    • It is so supporting to have someone say, “I'm praying for you,” or “I appreciate you; you are an inspiration to me.”
  • A Community Dedicated to the Support of the People and State of Israel.
  • Lively Shabbat discussions, and Traditional High Holiday Services.
  • Access to Recreation Connection Entertainment Discounts.
  • Membership rates for events, activities, and facility rentals.

2013-14 Total Membership Cost:

[subject to change each year]

  • One of the least expensive yearly membership dues in the city.
    • $600 per family;
    • Includes 2 High Holiday Seats.
    • $300 per person;
    • Includes 1 High Holiday Seat.
    • $175 per person for High Holiday seating only.

Hand in Hand, Toward a Brighter Future!

Joyfully Partnering with G-d to Serve our Community!